How to make the Prophetic Meal- Talbina (Barley Porridge)

How to make the Prophetic Meal- Talbina (Barley Porridge)

Have you ever felt grief, sadness, stages of depression, and feelings of anxiety within your stomach? This can be confusing for those who have never experienced it, but there is a direct correlation between physical and mental health. It is relatively common to hear "drink chicken soup to make the heart warm." Chicken soup is known as the dish that warms your soul, heals you when you're sick and makes you feel better when it is needed.

Similarly, in the Prophet Muhammad pbuh's time, there was a dish the blessed Prophet pbuh recommended for everyone, known as Talbina, barley porridge.

Talbina is a porridge made from pearled barley and milk. As said by Aisha r.a, He ﷺ recommended eating it in times of grief, sickness to improve overall health as it cleanses the stomach and improves digestion.

“The talbina gives rest to the patient's heart and makes it active and helps relieve your pain and sorrow." [Sahih al - Bukhari (5325)]

"Talbina relieves the patient's heart and dispenses it some of their sadness." [Sahih al - Bukhari (5058)].



- 1- 2 tbsp of whole or ground Pearled Barley (Add more for thicker consistency)

- 1 or 1 ½ cup of milk or water

- Optional: Honey, dates, coconut, almonds, pistachios

Take 1 or 1 ½ cup of water and milk and heat up in a pot on medium heat. Add 1-2 tbsp of the barley or barley flour and mix into the pot. Wait for the ingredients to come to a boil as the consistency should thicken. After serving in a bowl, one can add honey, dates, coconut and nuts as toppings for taste. Mix all together and enjoy!

This hearty meal is not only great for healing but is also a fantastic breakfast option! It is a great and healthy option to start the day and stay full for more extended periods. This can also benefit those who are looking to lose weight and remain on a diet.

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