About Us

Earth Grub is a holistic and Superfood company dedicated to providing all-natural and organic solutions for a healthy lifestyle. At Earth Grub, we hope to promote the most excellent ancient supplements that come from the earth itself through pure and natural superfoods studied through prophetic recipes and remedies. We want to bring an alternative solution to modern ailments by providing natural and healthy options from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, as well as other ancient healing remedies.

We strive to deliver the highest quality of products worldwide to offer beneficial nutrients missing from our modern diets today. We see and value the importance of traditional medicine and holistic solutions that have proven to heal the human mind and body through our immune boosters. At Earth Grub, we want to bring more awareness of phytotherapy to the world (using plants and natural extracts as medicinal remedies) proven through scientific evidence and research today! Join us on our journey and heal the new you!

Our Story

Earth grub began as a way to educate and provide alternative natural solutions to modern health problems. We believe in the ancient, prophetic remedies that have worked for centuries in helping to heal our bodies and strengthen our physical health through natural earth-grown supplements.

In the spring of 2020, I had begun to suffer from major gastric and digestive issues resulting from a poor diet. I had no way of keeping food in my body, and no medication the doctors gave me was relieving the pain and solving my issue. This continued for six months before I decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits drastically. I started to eat clean, take black seed oil (the miracle herb) every day and began to prioritize my physical health. Within two months, I was feeling much better and could live my regular life once again. 

However, through this experience, I had learnt about the natural remedies and prophetic teachings. I spent countless hours researching alternative methods and the causes of many illnesses that are prevalent today. From this, earth grub was born! We decided to spread the knowledge that many are searching for desperately.

Ancient solutions to modern problems.